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Various Texas Instruments EVM adapter boards for monitoring device power consumption.

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The PM Board Zoo is a collection of animal-inspired PCBs designed as adapter boards for simplifying power measurements with various TI Sitara ARM microprocessor evaluation modules (EVMs). Each EVM has current shunt resistors and 2-pin headers to output the bus and shunt voltages of a given supply. However, due to routing constaints, these 2-pin headers are sporadically (dis)organized on the EVM boards. This makes it difficult and tedious to measure the power consumption on different EVMs using the same automated setup. Each adapter board in the PM Board Zoo was created to organize the header pins into a more manageable interface, consolidating the 2-pin headers into a simplified, standardized connector for interfacing with an automated digital multimeter setup or other power monitoring equipment such as the AfternoonCape.

This repository includes:

  • Altium library, schematic, and board files
  • PCB gerbers and drill files
  • Bill of materials
  • AfternoonCape config file

PM Board Zoo Animals:

  • Duck (AM335x GP EVM)
  • Dog (AM437x GP EVM Alpha)
  • Cat (AM43xx ePOS EVM Alpha)
  • Turtle (AM43xx ePOS EVM Beta)
  • IDK, X15, TBD


The “cat” adapter board was designed for an alpha revision of the AM43xx ePOS (electronic point of sale) EVM. This revision had 28 supplies to be monitored. It features two rows of 16x2 headers for interfacing with a Keithley DMM with 2 switching multiplexer modules.

  Power Supply Jumper Shunt Shunt (Ohm)
1 VDD_CORE J59 R543 0.05
2 VDD_MPU J60 R544 0.05
3 VDDS_DDR J40 R36 0.05
4 VDDS_SRAM_CORE_BG J53 R617 1.00
5 VDDS_SRAM_MPU_BB J54 R618 1.00
6 VDDS_PLL_DDR J56 R620 2.00
7 VDDS_PLL_CORE_LCD J55 R619 1.00
8 VDDS_PLL_MPU J57 R621 2.00
9 VDDS_OSC J87 R203 2.00
10 VDDS_CTM* J82 R540 2.00
11 VDDA_MC_ADC J85 R541 2.00
12 VDDA_TS_ADC J86 R542 2.00
13 VDDS J81 R21 1.00
14 VDDA1P8V_USB0/1 J83 R539 1.00
15 VDDA3P3V_USB0/1 J84 R34 1.00
16 VDDSHV1 J41 R10 1.00
17 VDDSHV2 J42 R11 1.00
18 VDDSHV3 J43 R12 1.00
19 VDDSHV5 J46 R14 1.00
20 VDDSHV6 J47 R15 1.00
21 VDDSHV7 J48 R16 1.00
22 VDDSHV8 J49 R17 1.00
23 VDDSHV9 J50 R19 1.00
24 VDDSHV10 J51 R20 1.00
25 VDDSHV11 J52 R22 1.00
26 VDD_TPM J92 R588 2.00
27 VDDS_TPM J91 R546 2.00

*Note: On this alpha revision of the AM43xx ePOS EVM, the VDDS_CTM supply incorrectly powers some other 1.8V supplies including VDDS_SRAM_CORE_BG, VDDS_SRAM_MPU_BB, VDDS_PLL_DDR, PLL_CORE_LCD, VDDS_PLL_MPU, and VDDS_OSC. This double counts the current consumption, so a post-measurement workaround must be implemented to subtract the extra current.


The “dog” adapter board was designed for the AM437x GP (general purpose) EVM. The red solder mask color was selected in honor of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

  Power Supply Jumper Shunt Shunt (Ohm)
1 VDD_CORE J93 R526 0.05
2 VDD_MPU J94 R527 0.05
3 VDDS_DDR J41 R38 0.05
4 V1_8D_AM437X J81 R23 0.10
5 V3_3D_AM437X J92 R24 0.10
6 VDDS_DDR_MEM J40 R87 0.05
7 VDDS_RTC J91 R695 0.00


The “duck” adapter board was designed for the AM335x GP (general purpose) EVM, which has current shunt resistors on 20 different processor supply rails. Unfortunately, the VDD_CORE and VDD_MPU supplies do not have power measurement headers. In order to measure these bus and shunt voltages, wires were soldered directly to the 4-terminal shunt resistors, and then connected to the power measurement adapter board via right-angle 2-pin male/female headers.

  Power Supply Jumper Shunt Shunt (Ohm)
1 VDD_CORE XX R32 0.05
2 VDD_MPU XX R46 0.05
3 VDDS_RTC J35 R505 2.00
4 VDDS_DDR J20 R508 0.24
5 VDDS J21 R498 0.24
6 VDDS_SRAM_CORE_BG J23 R500 2.00
7 VDDS_SRAM_MPU_BB J25 R499 2.00
8 VDDS_PLL_DDR J33 R507 2.00
9 VDDS_PLL_CORE_LCD J24 R503 2.00
10 VDDS_PLL_MPU J22 R497 2.00
11 VDDS_OSC J29 R506 2.00
12 VDDA1P8V_USB0/1 J28 R502 1.00
13 VDDA3P3V_USB0/1 J31 R504 2.00
14 VDDA_ADC J27 R501 1.00
15 VDDSHV1 J26 R493 0.24
16 VDDSHV2 J38 R545 0.24
17 VDDSHV3 J39 R546 0.24
18 VDDSHV4 J30 R494 0.24
19 VDDSHV5 J32 R495 0.24
20 VDDSHV6 J34 R496 0.24
21 VDDSDDRMEM J41 R513 0.24


The “turtle” adapter board was designed for a beta revision of the AM43xx ePOS (electronic point of sale) EVM. The turtle’s tail was purposely designed to avoid mechanical collision with a standoff leg for the EVM’s display.

  Power Supply Jumper Shunt Shunt (Ohm)
1 VDD_CORE J59 R543 0.05
2 VDD_MPU J60 R544 0.05
3 VDDS_DDR J40 R36 0.05
4 V1_8D_AM437X J83 R23 0.10
5 V3_3D_AM437X J84 R25 0.10