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A collection of ideas and prototypes for improving the sport of skydiving.

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Skydiving technology has advanced considerably in recent years, vastly improving the safety of those who choose to fly. Despite these advancements, the sport of skydiving is still a dangerous one with significant risks. This repository is dedicated to utilizing engineering concepts to improve the ability, awareness, and safety of skydivers.


  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce equipment size, weight
  • Increase efficiency on the ground so more time can be spent in the sky
  • Improve ground training through body flight simulations (non-tunnel)
  • Advanced sensors to track detailed analytics of each jump, jumper (simulator play back)

Idea Backlog

  • alitimeter
  • audible
  • windspeed
  • load clock
  • HUD with telemetry, velocity, obstacle data
  • body flight simulation (aerodynamics)
  • point counter
  • camera
  • auto parachute packer
  • AAD